DiGRA 2018 Workshops

My Desires Are Unconventional

BDSM scholarship as an inspiration for game studies

For this workshop, we invite submissions related to four broad thematic areas: 1) BDSM as a lens for analyzing the player-game relationship, 2) BDSM-related aesthetics and activities in games, 3) parallels and exchanges between game cultures and BDSM scenes, 4) the concept of “game” and game lingo within BDSM scenes.


On Trial: Fun!

A DiGRA 2018 pre-conference workshop
July 24th 2018

The time has come to settle one of the more pressing questions for game studies: Are games fun?

The One Trial: Fun! organizers seek interested participants attending the DiGRA 2018 conference to join us in debating, discussing and working to resolve this question.


Indie Game Studies Workshop

July 24th 2018

The workshop will explore the current state, meanings, and values associated with independence in video game culture, through a series of contributions and findings that analyse the domain from different perspectives, disciplines and geographical specificities.

Contemporary Videogames and the Museum: What’s Next?

Sarah Brin, IT University Copenhagen, sbin@itu.dk
Michael McMaster, RMIT University, michaeLmcmaster@rmit.edu.au

We invite scholars, museum professionals, game designers and artists to submit a talk to the workshop. This workshop aims to explore nuanced ways of thinking about videogames in museums, and to formalize, record and share the work already being done in this emerging field, while proposing constructive methods for collaborating across these professional worlds.