Social Programme

A Welcome Coffee will be held on Wednesday July, 25th morning at Campus Luigi Einaudi. ​Venue of the Conference. 
A Welcome Party will be held on Wednesday July, 25th afternoon at Campus Luigi Einaudi. ​Venue of the Conference. 

New Entry Corner

Please note: a “New Entry Corner” will be set within the early Welcome Coffee and the late Welcome Party.
Senior members of the DIGRA association will welcome junior participants to the Conference and accompany them to encourage their positive entrance to the DIGRA world as well as to facilitate the interaction with long-standing members.

Gala Dinner

Friday, July 27th @Esperia rowing club restaurant

Designed by architect Contardo Bonicelli in 1926, the Esperia rowing club owes his motto: “Si spiritus pro nobis, qui contra nobis” (“If the spirit is with us, who can oppose us?”) to Gabriele D’Annunzio’s patronage.
The restaurant has a  panoramic view to the ‘murazzi, the closest Po river docking to the old town. The deep connection of the location to the water is also clear in the main hall, which hosts an evocative hanging whale skeleton, work of the south-american artist Juan Cemotto.

Before the Gala Dinner, all requesting delegates are invited to join a guided visit to the National Cinema Museum of Turin and to experience the fascinating panoramic view of the city from the ancient Mole Antonelliana.

National Cinema Museum | DIGRA 2108 Social Programme
An architectural landmark of the city of Turin, the Mole Antonelliana was planned and begun by architect Alessandro Antonelli in 1863, it was only completed in 1889. With a height of 167.5 metres, it was the tallest brick building in Europe at the time.
The panoramic lift was inaugurated in 1961, during the celebrations for the centenary of the Italian Unification and it was renovated in 1999. Today it still allows visitors to go up to the panoramic terrace which is 85 metres high and take in the amazing views of the city and the surrounding Alps. Visitors can also climb on foot along the cavity of the dome stairs, up to the panoramic terrace.
Mole Antonelliana | DIGRA 2108 Social Programme

Our Proposals


Thursday,  July 26th 2018 – 6.30 – 9.30 PM

Meeting Point: CLE – Lungo Dora Siena 100 – 6.30 PM


An exciting tour specially designed for the first time visitor to Torino. The tour will be preceded by the Apericena (a combination between aperitif and dinner in Italian) in the magic atmosphere of one of the famous historical cafés, a gourmet experience you can not miss! Torino historical cafés are very famous because in the past they were the ideal places where the town upper class used to meet to discuss politics or business, but also decide about the future of their country while tasting a nice cup of hot chocolate or an aperitif. The following guided walk in the heart of Torino will make you discover the beauties of a city that in 1861 was the first capital of Italy. The tour includes the most beautiful squares as Piazza Castello (Royal Palace and San Lorenzo Church), Piazza Carignano (Palazzo Carignano, where the first Parliament was set) and Piazza San Carlo (Baroque palaces and Santa Cristina Church).